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Our Clients

Our clients are typically age 50 and older. Many have already left the workplace in favor of a "traditional" retirement. Others are creating small businesses or pursuing artistic or charitable interests on a part-time basis. Some are just beginning to consider what's next in their life journeys.


Our Clients | Preparing for Retirement
Preparing for Retirement


The 10-year period leading up to retirement is critical for getting "all ducks in a row" before leaving full-time employment. It may be the first opportunity you have had in many years to consider what's next in your life journey. What better time to explore your ideals regarding family, lifestyle, community, health, and leisure, so you can enjoy what you have worked so hard to achieve! This is also a time for making important decisions regarding retirement income, social security, health care, and housing. We have assisted dozens of clients in making a smooth transition into their retirement years. After retirement, we will be there to continue providing you with guidance on managing your investments and income.

Our Clients | Women


Did you know that women control a greater share of household wealth in the United States compared to men? In any family situation, the female head of the household may oversee the finances because she has remained single, earned more than her partner, or simply outlived him or her. There are many special challenges, and although men may encounter them also, some of these are more typical concerns of women—caring for children and elders, fewer years of full-time work, and less experience with managing investments. At Insight Financial Horizons, we are passionate about helping our women clients be as successful financially as they are in other areas of their lives.

Our Clients | Families


Effective money management is the foundation of a satisfying family life. Managing taxes, purchasing a home, saving for college, managing risks, and accumulating investment assets are all pieces of the puzzle. Let us help you make smart decisions about these important money matters.

Our Clients | People in Transition
People in Transition


Life transitions can be overwhelming! Life may be proceeding on track when suddenly you are faced with wrenching decisions and no personal experience to guide you. Whether the issue is a change in marital status, a serious health condition, or a sudden financial windfall, receiving guidance from a trusted advisor can be invaluable in order to avoid mistakes and proceed with confidence. As it is often said, "Change is the only constant." We would be honored to stand at your side during a time of change.

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