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How We Are Compensated
We will arrange our compensation plan to suit your preferences and the services required. This may consist of fees, commissions, or a combination.

Consulting Services: Clients may request our services for analyzing a particular situation, such as the asset allocation of an investment portfolio or a review of their progress toward a specific retirement goal. The client has the option to pay fees on a hourly basis, a flat fee for a specific purpose, or an annual fee for ongoing services.

Preferred Portfolio Services®: Your investment portfolio will be managed on a fee basis through our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a registered investment adviser. The fee is determined as a percentage of assets in the client's account(s).

Brokerage Services: In some cases, the most feasible compensation plan is commission based, where we are compensated through commissions and fees earned by your investment transactions and insurance purchases. We will disclose any commissions in advance.


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