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Whether you're planning for retirement, are in the midst of a life transition, or considering what's next in your life journey, we can help.


Insight Financial Horizons is a premier financial services firm on the North Shore of Boston, focusing on helping our clients navigate life’s many crossroads.

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We are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners with more than 50 years of combined industry experience. 


We bring independent advice, exceptional service, a philanthropic spirit, and a world of experience to the financial planning and wealth management process.

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Grizzly Bear


The Bear Market is Back - What's Next?

We are now in another downswing in the ongoing bear market. This year, there have been four drops and three rallies—and we are down quite a bit. That doesn’t feel good. But, feel good or not, here we are. So, the real question is: what should we do about it? To figure that out, we need to look at two things.



September Market Update

August was a challenging month for markets, with a late slide bringing all three major indices into the red for the month. The S&P 4.08%, the Dow dropped 3.72%, and the Nasdaq fell 4.53%. The sell-off was due to rising interest rates in August, caused in part by comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who said the central bank planned to keep short-term rates higher for longer to combat inflation. Rising interest rates hurt stock valuations and can lead to slower economic growth.

Woman Shopping for Groceries


Why We’re Not Ready to Call This a Recession (Yet)

By some definitions, a recession is identified by declines in the GDP for two quarters in a row, so you can expect this report to trigger headlines over the next several days indicating that we’re now officially in a recession. But are we?

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