Commonwealth National Conference in Austin, TX

We had the opportunity to spend time and learn from other Commonwealth Advisory teams from all over country at the annual National Conference held this year in Austin, Texas. Thank you to Commonwealth Financial Network for the amazing opportunity! ### © 2018 Commonwealth Financial Network®

What Did the Midterm Elections Mean for the Market?

This week, the big news was the Democrats’ takeover of the House of Representatives and the subsequent large bounce back in the stock market. Put together, it sounds like I am implying a causal connection. I suppose I am—but not the obvious one. So, what caused the bounce? Put simply, the Democrats’ taking the House did not cause the bounce. The real cause was the end of the elections. Despite all the angst ahead of time and all the coverage and analysis, there were only two possible electoral outcomes. First, the Republicans could have retained control of all branches of government. Second (and what actually happened), the Democrats could have taken control of all or part of Congress, leavi

Is This the Beginning of the End? A Look at October 2018 Market Volatility

Not for the first time, October was a difficult period for the stock market. With the drop seen over this past month, there is increasing fear that this is it—the big one that will take us back to the depths of 2008. Although that level of concern is certainly understandable, a closer look at the real economic and market situation around the world suggests that the volatility we are now seeing (and may well continue to see) is perfectly normal. Over time, this kind of turbulence is why stocks can yield the returns they do. Still, how do we know whether this decline is normal and whether we’re headed for another 2008? Is there a way to tell? Is this decline normal? Let’s start with the easy q


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